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Hedmark Kunnskapspark AS works to stimulate the development of knowledge-based industry in Hedmark, Norway’s largest county. The largest shareholders of Hedmark Kunnskapspark is Hedmark County Council and SIVA, but the organization has additional public owners and private investors. The Board consists of individuals from various parts of the county and with knowledge and experience from relevant industries and governmental institutions. To effectively cover a large geographical area, Hedmark Kunnskapspark has offices located in the county’s two largest cities; Hamar and Kongsvinger. Ten highly qualified and dedicated employees work in key areas to support the growth of the local industry. Hedmark Kunnskapspark provides free of charge advisory services on business development, financing, IPR and incubation. In addition we organize networking and match-making events to facilitate the exchange of competence and to promote value-creating partnerships.

Although Hedmark Kunnskapspark works with all types of knowledge-based companies, we have identified 5 areas where we believe there is particularly high growth potential; biotechnology, computer gaming, local food and adventure based tourism, business incubation and the restructuring program for the municipality of Kongsvinger.

Biotechnology for breeding and food production
Hedmark represents one of Norway’s largest agricultural areas and has more forest than any other counties. The need for live stock with improved properties has stimulated the growth of competence within breeding and agricultural production in the Hamar region. More traditional phenotypic selection is gradually being replaced with genotypic selection, and the demand for new technology is high. The network of 25 organizations working with technologies for breeding and production of farm animals, aquaculture and plant cultivation is called Heidner. Heidner is part of the prestigious Arena program supported by Innovation Norway. The Arena program secures a minimum 2-year funding for developing the network and industry further.  For more information on Heidner and business opportunities with Heidner’s member organizations, please contact Dr. Karianne Eide Longva at (+47 971 62 042 or karianne@kph.no) or Brit Rønning Johansen at (+ 47 976 31 870 or brit@hkp.no).

Digital arena

Digital arena will contain businesses and organizations that have digital solutions as a key tool in their business operations. Digital arena is a collection of different networks that utilizes digital technology. Digital creativity has become increasingly important to both the public and private sectors. The communities at Hedmark University College and Gjøvik University College educate between 60 and 90 new students each year within digital creativity and programming. The Digital arena wants to take a national position on the basis of the industry in our region.

ICT network: Hedmark County has many talented and ICT businesses, and there are a large number of jobs associated with the ICT in our county. ICT knowledge in our region is among the best in Norway, and will overall be able to perform many of the tasks Norwegian business needs regarding ICT. Hedmark Knowledge Park (HKP) are very familiar with cluster development, and wants to contribute to developing a business network that may lead to an Arena Status. An ICT networks can grow big and strong in our region through a broad participation of private and public sectors. If the region involve each other and work towards the same goals, the possibilities are very good.

Environments for research and new entrepreneurs provide innovation and business development at a high level. Digital arena aims to gather the various digital environments in the region. It is also about a cross connect action with various digital environments. For example, the traditional ICT industry can benefit from the expertise located in the gaming community in Hamar. This can lead to an open innovation and give companies a competitive advantage with new products and services. For more information on collaboration or investment opportunities within the Hamar gaming network, please contact Mr. Dag Arnesen (+47 971 46 116 or dag@hkp.no).

Computer gaming

Hamar is Norway’s leading region for development of computer games for learning, simulating and entertainment. Currently, 6 companies and organizations are part of the gaming network Hamar Game Collective. It is not a coincidence that this region has become so strong in the gaming. Since 2005, Hedmark University College has offered a strong B.Sc program in gaming, and the program has become very popular. Also, Norsk Tipping, the monopolistic state-owned company providing money games, has its head office located in Hamar.  This attracts valuable gaming competence to the region. For more information on collaboration or investment opportunities within the Hamar gaming network, please contact Mr. Dag Arnesen (+47 971 46 116 or dag@hkp.no).

Local food and adventure based tourism
Hedmark is blessed with great forests, lakes, rivers and rich soil for farming. The excellent access to a wide-range of healthy raw material has shaped a strong tradition for tasty local food. Combined with the beautiful and varied landscapes of Hedmark makes the area ideal for all year round adventure based experiences – stimulating all senses. Hedmark Kunnskapspark works with exciting companies and organizations that seek to develop food or experiences with roots in Hedmark’s traditions but with a modern touch or hints of inspirations gathered from foreign cultures. Contact Mr. Ole Christian Tilset if you are interested in further information on business opportunities or with respect to local food and adventure based tourism (+47 952 05 421 or 

Business incubation
Incubation are specific programs designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies. This occurs through an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management. The service and support are offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts. Hedmark Kunnskapspark has two “physical” incubators, one located on Hamar and the other in Kongsvinger. We can offer small aspiring companies office space to rent at very reasonable prices due to subsidizing arrangements through SIVA. Contact the incubation management for more information on our services. Mr. Werner Melby (+47 913 93 783 or werner@hkp.no) or Mr. Kristian Bakke Haugen (+47 928 52 791 or kristian@hkp.no)

Restructuring program for Kongsvinger
The municipality of Kongsvinger is the densest industrial area in Hedmark. Traditionally the local industry has been founded on production of raw material such as timber and steel. In addition, many companies in the region manufacture advanced mechanical and electrical components to other industries. Due to outsourcing and downsizing over the past two decades, Kongsvinger is forced to change course. The valuable competence found in the region must be utilized in alternative ways to create jobs and income and to attract new inhabitants. Hedmark Kunnskapspark has been appointed as responsible for the restructuring program; to develop knowledge-based industry in Kongsvinger.  The restructuring program is called K+ (KPluss). If you would like to know more about business opportunities within Kongsvinger or the K+ program, contact Mr. Halvor W. Egeberg at (932 55 060 or halvor@hkp.no) or Mrs. Eli Wathne at (+47 916 10 959 or eli@hkp.no).